Our Process

The Western Work Force Recruitment Process

We source people for temporary, contract and permanent positions across
all levels and industries through our 4 specialist divisions.

Western Work Force’s recruitment process focuses on your specific requirements as a business.

We meet all shortlisted candidates, to ensure we select the right people.

Our candidate selection process and interview techniques assess the candidate’s skills, competencies and personal attributes in depth.

Steps in our recruitment process:

Our recruitment process is used for all temporary, contract and permanent staff.

Our large database consists of already shortlisted, interviewed and reference staff who are ready to go at your request.

Western Work Force look after our employees, we manage all payroll, superannuation, relevant taxes and all insurances.

Steps in our recruitment process:

  • Conduct a detailed Client briefing
  • Obtain a detailed role and candidate specification
  • Search our exclusive in-house database of quality candidates
  • Draft and design an advertising campaign
  • Screen and manage all applications
  • Compile a shortlist of the most experienced and suitable candidates
  • Commence candidate selection process
  • Interview shortlisted candidates
  • Review qualifications, licences and working rights
  • Completed comprehensive reference checks
  • Present shortlisted candidates to you for interview or commencement with our recommendations
  • Provide copies of all qualifications, licences at your request
  • The final decision of commencing a person is left with you